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Shofi Partners - The Right Choice Because Our Pragmatic Approach Delivers Results

Shofi Partners isn't just a consulting firm - we are experienced operational, human resource and learning and development professionals who have been in the trenches on both the corporate and consulting side, applying our techniques to companies who are growing fast, are in distress, have recently been involved in an acquisition, or those simply wishing to improve overall business effectiveness.

With over 75 total years of practical, pragmatic, hands-on business experience, you can be assured Shofi Partners understand the complexities of running a business, the dynamics that exist among conflicting priorities, and how the need to reach financial goals oftentimes supersedes the need to build effective strategies. We will effectively help you walk the delicate balance towards organizational effectiveness.

We are confident that we will deliver what we promise because we follow the CLIENT model shown below, ensuring all our clients walk away happy, and are ultimately more organizationally effective.

client centric, leadership, integrity
execute, navigate, teamwork
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