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Make the Transformation - A Balanced Organization For Optimal Effectiveness

Shofi Partners believes organizational effectiveness should be measured by how efficiently and effectively a business meets their goals. But if all aspects of an organization aren't working holistically towards common and measured goals, they are not organizationally effective. We define effective as doing the right thing and efficient as doing the right thing well

Seems simple enough...but to boil down key organizational elements into identified effectiveness gaps, and then formulate a plan to overcome such gaps, can be a daunting task.

Shofi Partners makes the task less intimidating by applying a 360 Degree analysis of your organization and then giving you actionable data to help transform your organization.

Why is Something so Obvious Not Happening in Most Organizations?

  • Executives understand cost, revenues and margins but few understand what       specific attributes make an organization more effective.

  • Executives may talk about leadership, talent management, building a strong culture and strategy, but they generally turn their attention to more tangible matters such finance and operations.

  • Organizations spend a fraction of their time to improve organizational effectiveness

The Cost of Organizational Ineffectiveness ?

  • Companies in the top quartile of organizational effectiveness were 2.2x more likely to have above average industry EBITDA*.


Execute, Leadership Culture, Process, Alignment, Measure, Improvement

*McKinsey & Company Report - The Missing Link

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